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Im about to purchase my first road bike and Im not sure which to get, Im torn between the Van Nicholas Mistral, The Boardman Pro Carbon and the Canondale Caad 10. I was originally going for the boardman but a friend warned me about that carbon can be prone to breaking, hence my foray into titanium with the Van nicholas

any suggestions ?


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    Tell your mate he's talking out of his ar....e.

    Titanium - the frame for life? - tell that to the guy who recently posted about his difficulties with his Merlin titanium frame.
  • Best suggestion I can give is to go and try as many bikes as you can - whilst some bikes may look cool and you might think you will like it until you have ridden it you wont know how you feel on it. Even with a proper fitting bike the position might be great and spot on or it might just feel not good.

    As as for you mate and his issues with Carbon I don't mean to be rude but...... well his is talking rubbish. Carbon will break yes that is a fact, but you would have to crash and pretty hard too and nobody sets out to crash a bike the idea is to stay upright.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.