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Not sure where to post this so here seemed as good a place as any....

Has anyone used the above? Got a few niggles etc that I think are due to setup so was thinking of going for a full fit £170 odd so it is expensive but is it worthwhile?



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    I'd personally travel afar and go to in the midlands.

    100 quid and includes footbeds and any shims needed.

    It's done by Adrian Timmis, an ex-pro who REALLY knows his stuff.

    He's transformed the riding of myself and many others. (Other top pros such as Dean Downing go to him!)

    Do a search and you'll see numerous threads and blogs extolling his virtues!
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    Stanley222, ... 5_348.html

    Richtw, my boss went and got his done and was very happy with it. I've asked my parents to book me a fitting as a christmas present, although after seeing Naps post, I'm wondering if I should have looked around first...
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    Also in the Midlands are Sportstest

    I mate went to be tested by Garry and was very happy with the service. I went to a seminar that he gave a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. I'm very tempted to get tested by him.
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    I went for a sportstest with Gary Palmer, was quite interesting.
    As a result of the test I went to the doctors and found out I had asthma...