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Giant Anthem X1 2009 Orange Paint

aquickoneaquickone Posts: 148
edited December 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Does anyone have any idea of the closest match paint at all for my 2009 Anthem X1 in orange? It has a couple of stone chips that I would like to try and sort over the Xmas period, so was wondering if anyone else had done a colour match on this at all. Do Giant sell the correct paint?
Giant Anthem X1
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  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    Locally, I can have an aerosol can mixed up to the precise colour selected from a full colour chart. Maybe that's an option for you, you need to check out places that sell auto paints.

    On the other hand if it's just for filling in small stone chips then close enough will be good enough.
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