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Newbie after Alpe d'huez info

K3V HAK3V HA Posts: 2
edited December 2010 in Tour & expedition
Firstly, hi there everyone, ive been reading many posts on radar for a while now and finally signed up to post myself!
Last year we (me, my girlfriend and her cousin) drove down to st jean de maurienne to see the tour on the madeleine, it was an awesome trip and one we have decided to do every year. It has prompted my girlfriend to get into cycling, buy a carbon road bike and start training to attempt d'huez!!
Now last year we stayed in the town of maurienne and tried to get up madeleine early only to be turned away at the bottom (we wont get into it, but the cops were turning british away and letting french drive up!! argh!!) This year we want yo arrive on the tuesday, stop at a campsite tuesday night, and perhaps wednesday and then drive the camper up d'huez wed and thursday night, now, is this something that is possible, can we just park up and camp over night on the streets? i cant seem to find any campsites that do nightly stays-they all seem to want a weeks money off us??

Any ideas on how we can do this would be greatly appreciated, and after building a vw camper based on a 'tour' theme, i plan to get it up a mountain this year!! lol


  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,139
    Hello and welcome.
    Not done it myself but stayed in Allemont which is about 6 miles along from Bourg.

    Unless the local police move you on, I imagine there would be plenty of places to park up along the way....unless there are plenty of others doing the same as yourself!

    Lucky you anyway :)
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