New to MTB in Paderborn, Germany

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I found this site after a short trawl on the internet and it seems to provide a wealth of knowledge.

I have ordered my first bike in over 10 years - a Cube LTD Comp. I pick it up on Friday, so I'm quite excited.

Is there anyone else on here who is in North Germany? If not, no worries, I'm sure I'll meet like minded people over here eventually...



  • CraigXXL
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    Welcome, I've been to Paderborn a few times whilst serving at Minden. Can't comment on the riding there as MTBing wasn't really about then but with all the ridges around there stretching to Bielefeld it should be fun.
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    I found this site:-

    when i was looking for trails in Bavaria, where my employers have a mountain lodge.

    I lists quite a few trails in your area. Quite a few in wider Europe too.

    Hope this helps.
  • XCMark
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    Berlebeck is good (between Paderborn and Detmold), Altenbeken has some good routes and Willingen and Winterberg are only 40 mins to an hour drive away although all the lift accessed stuff there closes around the end of November for the Ski-ists. Harz mountains also has a fantastic amount of stuff if you want to go a bit further afield but again this time of year is a non starter with the snow.
  • Thanks for the tips! I'm looking into them already.

    I have a holiday planned in Bavaria next year, so will take the bike down there. Off to Altenbeken this weekend to have a look.

    Bike arrives tomorrow!
  • First ride completed!

    Only did about 10km, as it was pouring with rain which was turning to ice on the ground. I came off the bike about three times and had to have a rethink on my route, as parts were pure ice!

    Right - off to clean the bike and go out again!