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Dodgy looking fs carbon mtb on ebay

G-zeroteamG-zeroteam Posts: 18
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Stumbled across this Carbon Scott bike on ebay: ... dZViewItem

Find it hard to believe that someone with a £3,500 bike "assumes" that 9 cogs on the rear of a bike means it is 27 speed.

Similarly I find it hard to believe that someone who types words such as "asumes" "chrismas, "hydrolic" and "hear and there" (and never ever uses capital letters) would own such a machine.

I've also examined the types of items they buy there and it's mostly hydroponics equipment, vents and grow lighting gear!

Your thoughts please.


  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 580
    It does look suspicious.

    A genuine owner would likely list every piece of kit by name to get maximum interest and hence price, and he'd likely give a reason for sale. I did when I sold my £130 commuter bike but then I'm a bit censored like that.

    I also always try to squeeze a cheeky little semi-colon and the occasional iambic pentameter into my own ebay postings.

    The lack of these, poor punctuation, and not even a Latin phrase or two suggests this ebayer does not deserve even to look upon such a fine machine, let alone offer one for sale.
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  • Manc33Manc33 Posts: 2,157
    I think what he meant to say was:


    Scott Strike USA carbon fibre mountain bike.

    This bike is used, but in good condition. There are a few little marks here and there, but nothing major.

    This bike has full suspension, both shocks are adjustable and lockable.

    Tyres and wheel size are 26 x 1.8. The back wheel has a cassette with 9 sprockets on the back and a triple chainring setup - so it has 27 gears.

    The disc brakes are hydraulic, which helps to save weight over mechanical disc brakes.

    Cash on collection only, this will run to the end and if it not sold it will be relisted.


    What he actually said was...

    scott usa carbon fibre mountain bike

    bike is used but in good condition few little marks hear and there but nothing major

    it has front and back suspension and you can ajust the front and back sensitivity

    tyres and wheel size are 26 x 1.8 back wheel has 9 cogs on back which i asume is 27 speed and the brakes are hydrolic aswell

    cash on collection only this will run to the end and if it not sold it will be relisted


    Pretty bad... and look, he didn't even sell it! Not even for £450! Isn't this bike priced a lot nearer to £4,500 in "real life?" :roll:
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