Shimano Ultegra 6700 Wheelset ????

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Shimano Ultegra 6700 Wheelset:

Are they good, stiff, for racing, light?



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    I've got some on my Winter bike and am very happy with them, especially for the price. They are reasonably light and pretty stiff, the hubs are good and run very smoothly. Overall I can't fault them. I have also got a set Zipp wheels so have a good benchmark for comparison.
  • Exactly WHS ^^^^^^
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  • Ok Thanks guys. Anymore?

    Im thinking of buying them to replace my alexrims s500 on my specialized allez.
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    06townsonj wrote:
    Ok Thanks guys. Anymore?

    Im thinking of buying them to replace my alexrims s500 on my specialized allez.

    You will notice an instant improvement. I also have them on my winter bike as I got them in a very good deal. They ride well and after 6 months of hard riding, they are still true. IMO a good pair of wheels.
  • I have the Alex Rims on my Allez and Ultegra on my Roubaix and there is a significant difference. I've just bought Fulcrum 7's to replace the Alex Rims and think they roll better than the Ultegras (at a slightly cheaper price too...)
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    Best bang for you buck are Pro-Lite Braccianos, I paid about 180 from Ribble but I hear they're temporarily out of stock now. 1500g and quite well made. Ksyrium Elites were my second choice, double the price though. ... &Itemid=48. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • Does the hub make a noise when free-wheeling?
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    I have Shimano RS80 wheels and my friend has RS10 - somewhat similar wheels to the Ultegra 6700. My experience is, the ratcheting device in most Shimano freehubs makes a soft, quiet ticking sound when freewheeling. It's nowhere near as loud as Campag or Fulcrum freehubs. But it's not silent either.
  • Ok, but can you clearly hear it when free-wheeling. is it simialr to mavic?
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    You can hear them clearly making a soft, quiet ticking sound when freewheeling.
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    Hmm. I'd say you can't clearly hear the freewheel unless you're stationary. The natural sounds of air/rolling resistance while riding dampen the already soft sound, so it's less obvious to hear. But if you listen for it, while riding, it is audible, yes, especially if you turn your head to one side and listen for it, then you can hear it. Otherwise it's very soft. If you'e freewheeling behind another rider, it's possible they won't hear you unless conditions are still. It's hard to remember. They're new so have scarcely ridden them and this weather just ruins any chance of trying them out again :x

    That's my RS80 anyway. My friend said his RS10 were almost silent when freewheeling.

    I've ridden Mavic Aksium and Ksyrium ES before. They freewheel a bit more loudly and clearly but not massively so. I dampened the tick-ticking sound in my Aksiums by applying a slightly thicker lube to the freehub body's interior. This wasn't a deliberate attempt to quieten them. It was just a side effect of cleaning and lubing the freehub - routine maintenance. So you can quieten the tick-ticking sound with a higher viscosity lube if that helps. But you have to be careful. Never use grease. The pawls and springs might gum up.
  • Thanks for that.

    Would you get a fulcrum/mavic instead?

    So, there is a noise while free-wheeling.

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    i've got to ask, what's the big deal with how loud they are?
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    fred22 wrote:
    i've got to ask, what's the big deal with how loud they are?

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    I'm not too happy with mine, they went massively out of true after just 6 rides - not impressed!
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    I also find them really loud. I had RS10s before, which were bomb proof, and were practically silent. The Ultegras make a loud metallic whirring noise - and I'm not talking about the free hub

    But I may have got a bad pair, I've not been able to find any bad reviews anywhere about them.
  • Hi,

    I just want to know because I quite like a loud free-wheeling wheel LOL

    Thanks, so they are or are not loud?
  • They are not overly loud, but they aren't silent. Its a freewheel. Regardless of the sound, the best thing about ultegra wheels is that you can now get them tubeless. It is a HUGE upgrade. much better ride quality.
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    For another £80 you might want to consider the Shimano RS80. I just got a pair and they are a class above.
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  • Ok,

    Is the free-wheel sound significant - other riders can hear it whilst riding?
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    NO. The freehub is much much quieter than a mavic freehub.

    The loud noise my wheels were making were from resonance. After tightening all the spokes the noise lessened and the wheel hasn't gone out of true again. I just got a bad wheel set from the looks of it :(

    Personally, if I was buying again I'd get the fulcrum 5s or the mavic equipes instead