Bianchi via nirone 7 alu carbon veloce 2010 vs trek 2.3 2010

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Buying my first road bike after years away on a mountain bike. I have it narrowed down to these two Bianchi via nirone alu carbon veloce 2010 and Trek 2.3 2010 with 105.
I know must people will say go ride them and see what feels best, firstly I may not be able to do this as both are 2010 bikes and would be an online purchase as they are not available in my lbs and secondly I don't think I could tell which one would be best from just a short spin. So maybe you could break it down for me like which frame is best, which group set is best veloce or 105 and which wheels are best ambrosio ws 23-black or bontrager race. Without complicating things too much can anyone tell my which of these is the best bike. I will be mostly using it for fitness and maybe some sportives next year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    No technical knowledge, but I tried and fell in love with the Bianchi, bought one on Saturday and enjoyed my first ride (Sunday) very much... 8)

    Where abouts are you, and what size are you after?
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    You should try to sit on each of them at least even if you can't test ride them - their geometries are slightly different. When I was looking for a new bike early last year I looked at a 2008 Trek 1.9 (same as new 2.3?) and found the 56cm a little too small and the 58cm a little too stretched. I ended up with a 2008 Bianchi Via Nirone alu carbon in a 57cm which fits me perfectly - I'm 6 foot. So beware you are not comparing like with like.

    On the frames the Bianchi may just win over the Trek as it has carbon rear seat stays and carbon seat post which will makes the ride very smooth.

    As to whether Veloce is better than 105 I cannot comment, but I think they are fairly equitable in the groupset hierarchies - there may be an issue as to whether you feel more comfortable with the thumb shift on the Campag or the STIs of the 105. Again worthwhile at least sitting on each of them and seeing which feels most natural to you.

    Regarding the wheels both are typical budget sets you get at this price point, and are probably one of the first things you will upgrade to a lighter set in the coming months.

    Apart from that buy the one you like the look of most!
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    Put a deposit on the bianchi today, won't have till next week as i'am buying through the bike to work scheme, thanks for the advice, the carbon seat stays and the fact it's a Bianchi swung it for me in the end.
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    Good choice - enjoy!