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Gorillaman had me wait for 2 hours in central london

Coyote_kingCoyote_king Posts: 72
We had arrnaged to meet so I could sell an RS20 rear wheel, we planned 12pm at Holborn station on the central line, I get there only to get a text saying "got a puncture, running late" I called him, after a few attempts he picks up. I said I would wait for 20 minutes as I had a train to catch at waterloo, I called him in 20 minutes, he tells me waterloo would be easier for him. I go to Waterloo and wait for an hour and 30 minutes...results in him not turning up, me missing my initial train and having to borrow money for the weekend I had planned (was relying on the sale for spending/living money....I also had to carry that damn wheel around to Portsmouth and on the underground home....Not happy.


  • For everyone else, this is tedious nonsense but as I've been publically attacked I feel I should respond in public.

    So, to clarify what actually happened...we'd originally arranged to meet in Holborn on the Friday evening but despite a request for you to respond by text rather than on here, you responded on here in the morning- which I had no access to while I was in London so didn't get message until you text me in the evening when I'd already left for the night.

    On Saturday I could just about fit in a trip down to central London by cancelling some of the voluntary work I do on Saturdays; unfortunately I got a puncture and didn't have a spare tube with me (had used it up on Wednesday morning and not replaced yet- yeah I know, n00b). So I then ran with the bike on my shoulder to pcik up the rest of my stuff and head to Halfords where I could get a replacement tube (it's about 4 miles from where I punctured). By the time I got back to pick up my stuff I considered it to be a bust as you told me that you had to get a train at 1pm from Waterloo. However, you were most insistent and pushy and so I agreed to do everything I could to get down to you - at Waterloo for your convenience - for 1.45 when you said you absolutely had to depart. I then had a few issues replacing the tube (the tyre wouldn't seat properly) which delayed me further. At that point I had run out of time to cycle across London etc and needed to get home and do some work.

    At no point did I say I could be 'with you in 20 minutes'. I did say it would take me 20 minutes to run to get a tube at one point- and 30 minutes to get down to central London.

    So in summary, I apologise for not being firmer with you when you were being pushy (when I said- I'm not going to be able to make it but you wouldn't accept that) and (more sincerely) for not making it in- i appreciate that it was for reasons that I could have controlled (ie- buying more inner tubes).

    Hope you found a buyer, suffice to say that having spoken to you on the phone, i won't be buying anything from you in future.
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