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I need to package up a bike to send across the country, could anyone suggest a good bike courier? One that supplies the right packaging?

Thank you


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    I think that this will be a costly exercise if you expect the courier to supply the packaging for you (do you expect them to package it as well?)

    Get a bike box from your LBS (usually give them free of charge), buy some foam pipe lagging from the likes of Wickes (£5 for about 5 pipes) to protect the frame. Bubble wrap a few of the components eg. chainset/rear mech etc.

    You may need to remove the saddle& seatpost, front wheel and loosen the bars from the stem and swivel them around in order for the bike to fit the box.

    It does not take too long once it's been done a few times.

    If you are not very happy doing this sort of stuff, then ask your LBS to do the job for you - expect them to charge you though.

    I have couriered bikes using (costs £22.95 for mainland UK). Can be booked in a matter of moments. They sub it out to DHL I think, so it may be cheaper to just book direct with the likes of DHL.

    Good luck
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    I would say that was a pretty good price... as long as it is for pick up from home/office.
    Go for standard delivery, you will pay overly for any timed request.
    Getting hold of a box (those bike boxes can be a bit feeble) that can contain the frame minus wheels and using bubble wrap to extreme!
    Wheels in same box if they go or another box and taped securely together.
    Again bubble wrap to extreme and tape to extreme...nothing should rattle or work loose,
    trust me
    I know

    also as an afterthought... make sure that the outer is more or less plain... put your own destination label on it of course but allow for dhl or whoever to put their tracking label on it as clearly as possible... if it goes on a non plain background ... it may get violently fecked about by someone looking for it....
  • Thank you both so much!
  • Use - they use parcelforce but it is much cheaper. 48 hour delivery for £10.50. As said above, it's easy enough to box the bike up yourself if you think about it.