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What negative feedback do people have on SRAM Red? Specifically the crankset.


  • rake
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    i havent heard any. its one of their strong points i think. light and stiff.
  • Pokerface
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    Only that for *some* people, the chainrings are a little flexy. But you have to be pretty strong to do so.
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    Pokerface wrote:
    Only that for *some* people, the chainrings are a little flexy. But you have to be pretty strong to do so.

    Yeah - who are these some? Seriously, how much wattage would one need to produce to flex these? I am looking at 53:39 for next summer on my bike and the SRAM RED 52;36 appeals but worried now :lol:
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    worry not

    Fantastic stuff. Heartily recommend. I liked the compact so much I bought the standard too. Just in case...
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    wrong post wibble
  • its so good you're scared to leave it anywhere in case it gets nicked... :)
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    The flexy rings were on the first generation anyway. All good now!
  • jonmack
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    I love my Red groupset to bits. I'll admit the cassette can be kinda noisy, but that's a well documented "issue" (if you can even call it that).
  • Scrumple
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    Noisy but light!

    You can't have it all...

    The pro's only prefer the 1070 one when they are on the mud and filth, as they are less liekly to clog. They often replace the front mech cage with steel, for durability too. Paris Roubaix for example.
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    I agree with the Red cassette and SRAM 1090 chain being noisy. Swapping to a KMC 10SL alleviated this.

    Some complain about the front mech not being stiff enough and to run a Force. I have swapped a |Force for a Red and cannot see any difference except in weight.

    Apart from this all good.
  • phil s
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    I'm thinking of changing to a mix of Red and Force. I assume I'll have no problem running Shimano cassettes and KMC chains with this set up?
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    That'll be fine.

    I saw that I think Thor Hushovd has a 1070 on his bike at the moment, but he does have his training wheels on. Both him and Farrar are running steel caged front mechs though.

    Phil, that'll work fine. I have a Shimano cassette on my Boardman TC and it has no issues with shifting.
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    I had the first gen Red and ended up changing the chainrings to Stronglight CT2, the shifting was better and they look miles better, as the Red chainrings look arse.