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I have recently picked up a Planet X carbon frame, Easton EC70 forks, Campag Scirocco wheelset and now looking for some pointers in to groupsets.

My current bike is going to stay as my commuter, which is running last years Centaur groupset. So I am looking for something in that region so the 2 bikes are compatible.

Initially I was looking at the new Veloce groupset which retails about £350 ish I believe. After looking more in to it I'm probably going to go for individual components. Something along the lines of:

Centaur rear/front mech.
Centaur shifters.
Veloce chain/cassette.
Not looked in to the brakes too much, the Sram gear looks quite good though.

As for chainset I want to go for a compact double, 170mm. Looking at possibly FSA. ... t_1341.htm

Any ideas much appreciated..

Cheers, Adam.


  • this is the english version of the German website. You will NOT find components cheaper ANYWHERE.
  • Smokin Joe
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    Save your money and fit Veloce front and rear mechs. The quality of the gearchange is all in the shifter, the mechs are just slave units that go where the cable pulls them.

    Use the saving for a better set of wheels where you will notice a real difference.
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    I'm sceptical of going 11 speed at this current time. Cost of replacement parts particularly. The cheapest 11 speed cassette from Campag is around £85 alone. Absolutely insane considering how solid and proven the Centaur group is.
  • Good advice as ever. I've gone with Veloce throughout. At £350 can I go that wrong?

    Was looking at the Khamsin wheelset but opted for the Sciroccos for a little bit more, gone for some Vredestein tyres which seem pretty light. Hopefully it roll along nicely.

    The Athena on PX is a good deal, another £75 to get a 170mm crank though.
  • petemadoc
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    I'm not sure I get this 170mm crank lark. it's only 2 and a half mm shorter than normal.

    Have a look at 2 and a half mm on a ruler.

    Anyways the £75 is to have a bling carbon crank, weird that you can't have a 170 in aluminium though.
  • It's not much at all. Probably more a mind thing. I have got short arse legs though.

    Itching to receive all the bits now and get cracking on the build..