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Mountain Bike stolen in Acton, London

litereallitereal Posts: 5
edited December 2010 in MTB stolen
Some swine stole my mountain bike out of my shed. Was in the process of replacing the shed door and last night/early morning someone climbed the fence and had it away

Stolen on evening of 4/12/2010 or early morning 5/12/2010
Location: Acton, London
Bike: 21-22" 2004 model KONA DAWG DEELUX
Color: Beige cream
After market parts
Hope MOno M4brakes from and rear:
225mm diameter brake discs front and rear
FOX 36R fron shock (brown)
Stardard Rear Shock
Mavic Rims (Front and rear) Crossmax XL UST
EA70- Easton Monkey Bar Black
Yeti Grips
WTB Moto Raptor Tyres

Frame Number : H4G06296
Datatag : DAT0460305 / DC0018E9CB / Dc0031802E

If any one sees it on their travel, please let me of the cops know


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