Bianchi dilemma

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I'm asking for some advice from you all you knowledgeable cycling type people.
I'm torn between 2 Bianchi bikes which are on sale at the moment:
1) a 2010 Bianchi Via Nirone C2C (55cm), which has a 34/50 chain ring and a 12/25 cassette and a mixture of Campag Veloce/Xenon. No pedals. 9.6Kg
2) a Bianchi Mega Pro (55cm), which has a 53/39 chain ring and a 13/26 cassette and a Campag Chorus group set. Look pedals. 9.5 Kg.
Bike (1) is obviously a much more modern frame but with an inferior groupset.
Bike (2) is in very good condition for its age and is a much higher specced bike.
Both bikes are a very similar price.
I intend to use the bike for cycling (not racing) in the Scottish Borders.
Any thoughts?


  • pickled
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    Assuming they're the same price.
    The newer one for me!
  • Thanks for the advice - I think that's what I'll do.
  • dombo6
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    If I could beg to differ - and not just to be awkward :) .

    New is not always better, particularly as manaufacturers have had to cut back on quality in recent years to meet price points, hence last year's full Chorus model may now have a Centaur/Chorus mix, cheaper wheels, cheaper alloy even in the frame.
    The MegaPro would seem to be the better value given its far superior kit. Have you the opportunity to ride them both?

    Finally, how are you fitness-wise? I guess the Scottish borders are hilly so the compact chainset on the C2C may suit you better, though you could always fit a 12-28 to the Mega Pro.

    One of life's more pleasant dilemmas.
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    Old Chorus is going to be so much better than a new Veloce/Xenon mix in terms of functionality - e.g. across the block shifts up and down. Myself, I'd be getting the Mega Pro and saving for a compact chainset & new BB if I was unfit (ahem. Which I am).

    Although I think the Mega Pro is a better looking bike anyway...

    But yeah, ride em both & buy the one that feels nicest

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  • Monty Dog
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    Bear in mind that the second bike could be as much as 10 years old and probably forms a greater basis for haggling. Also check frame model - EV2's have a propensity for breaking and I'd avoid. I would actually still go for the older bike provided you pay a reasonable price as it won't depreciate much more - I have Chorus parts of that age that still work fine whereas lower-end stuff has long bitten the dust.
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  • I have ridden a Via Nirone although not the one for sale. I have not ridden the Mega pro as I would need to travel a considerable distance to do that. As far as fitness is concerned, I am quite fit and have ridden bikes with both compact and 53/39 chainsets. However, you have made a valid point about the compact gearing perhaps being more suitable for the Borders hills.
    To complicate matters, I've just found out that my firm are joining the Cycle to Work scheme next month, so am tempted to go for a 2010 Via Nirone Veloce...