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New bike day tommorow

Dr SDr S Posts: 146
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Always a good thing, I've gone for a Cannondale Tesoro Traveller Classic. Its for riding JOGLE on our honeymoon and as a general shopping / ride to work / pub / gym bike.

Only thing that puzzles me is it measures up as about 54cm bike in the Large size (which seems to fit me like a glove) but I ride a 56cm Caad9.

Do touring bikes just measure up funny? It seems to have a super spec, full 105 + Tubus racks, brooks saddle etc.

Any advice on breaking in a brooks or touring bikes, never had a bike with mud guards before!

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  • owenlarsowenlars Posts: 719
    Proofide on the Brooks, following the instructions, it will probably feel fine from the start and after about 500-600 miles will be fully broken in after which I'd put Proofide on two or three times a year. Try not to get it too wet (riding is rain is fine) and with mudguards you don't have to worry about the underside of the saddle (but give it a bit of proofide at the same time as you do the top). If you leave the bike out cover the saddle in case it rains and if it does get wet dry it naturally. Sheldon Brown says never ever touch the tensioning nut at the front.
  • HondatedHondated Posts: 136
    Blimey Father Christmas gets around to your area early.Enjoy.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    In some ways the top tube length is a more important indicator of the 'fit' of the bike. In any case 2cm is not a lot - stem lengths can differ by more than that.

    Using anything other than Proofride will invalidate your guarantee (don't ask me whether/how they can tell).

    If you're use to riding a hard saddle you may not find the Brooks difficult to get used to.

    Riding in damp/wet weather helps to break in the saddle - but probably not recommended by Brooks!
  • flesterflester Posts: 464
    andymiller wrote:
    Using anything other than Proofride will invalidate your guarantee (don't ask me whether/how they can tell).

    Erm... they smell it

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