Flip Flop Hub that won't flip..

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I've just set up a fixed/single speed wheel on a flip flop hub using a fixed sprocket and a cheap free wheel - however once everything is on and tightened up the different widths of the sprocket and free wheel means that the chain line is either correct of off by nearly 10mm.
In other words i can't have a chain line that suits both fixed and single - so useless having a flip flop hub.

So my question is;

Is this a common problem and what's the cause - is it likely to be the cr@ppy hub i bought or are there are a lot of variations in the widths of sprockets and free wheels that i wasn't aware of?



  • That seems strange, however would argue that correct chainline is more critical for the fixed side so this should take priority.
  • Yeah, the aim is to be fixed more often than not - but the chain line on the freewheel is so far out it would render it pretty un-usable.
    So makes the whole flip-flop hub redundant.
  • spacer behind one side or the other, or respace the hub on the axle and re-dish the wheel.
  • Unfortunately it'd need so many spacers that you'd run the risk of not having enough thread for the lock-ring...
    Basically it just serves we right for buying a cr@ppy cheap wheelset.
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    How about running a single speed free wheel instead of a block.Also how many speed are you trying to run?Most early flip flops ranged between 3 to 5 speed at the most.
  • respace the axle to centre the cogs, then redish the wheel
    Recipe: shave legs sparingly, rub in embrocation and drizzle with freshly squeezed baby oil.
  • If you can't get enough spacers in the you'll need to to the above then. It's a relatively easy job though :D
  • Usually, the fixed sprocket is offset on the base where it threads onto the hub. Taking it off and turning it around should should change the spacing a touch.