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Hi there, just about to get a Betty Leeds frame and have all my ultegra stuff swaped over to it. Brake and gear cables will require changing so thought I would upgrade them. Does anyone have any experience of cable kits such as Jagwire pro race or similar - are they a worthwhile uprade?


  • Hoopdriver
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    I too would be interested in hearing any experiences, good or bad, on upscale cable sets, particularly the Gore Ride-On Sealed cables, both for gears and brakes.
  • Pokerface
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    You'll get mixed opinions. Many people questioning if spending £50 or more for a set of cables is 'worth it'.

    I can only provide my own experience.

    I have used generic cables and I have used the Gore cable systems (both the 'regular' Gore ones and the '100% fully sealed system').

    Generic cables needed replacing very quickly, especially in bad weather conditions. The exposed cables began to rust over quite quickly and shifting was poor. Cheap to replace - but the hassle of rerunning cables and setting gears again is a pain .

    Regular Gore cables lasted a long time. Smooth shifting, etc.

    Fully sealed system lasted until I rebuilt my bike. So they didn't have to be replaced at all. Shifting stayed consistent and smooth the entire time and as the cables were 100% fully sealed - never had any contamination to deal with.

    If you can afford them, or even better can find a deal on them, I recommend the Gore fully sealed system first, and the regular Gore system second. Fully sealed especially if you ride this time of year a lot and want to prolong the life of your cables.
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    Thanks. You sold me. Gore sealed it is.