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2 bike functions

immorales222immorales222 Posts: 4
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Hello guys

i have a question and i dont know how it work
my question is you can ride the sigma rox 9.0 with 2 bikes i want to ride it on road and mOuntainbike but how can i switch form bike 1 to bike 2 because i dont want the miles from mtb on my roadbike!

plz help mee

thank you


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    edited December 2010
    Bike 1 and bike 2 are normaly just different wheel size settings. The odometer records all mileage regardless of bike setting.
    I should have looked up the Rox 9 before posting. :oops:
    I suggest you look at the Rox 9 thread a bit lower down.
  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,215
    The manual is here ... 0/?flash=1

    Total values seem to be available for bike 1 and 2 (quoting page given):

    10 Total Values

    Total distance bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total ride time bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total altitude uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Maximum altitude bike 1 /2
    Total distance uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total ride time uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total altitude downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total distance downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total ride time downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
    Total calories bike 1/2/1+2

    On my Sigma the wheel sensor has a button to select bike 1 or 2 (press and hold until it flashes green (1) or red (2)). Or you can buy a separate sensor and mount etc. for the other bike.
  • Thanx you i'm done i didn't know that that there is a buttum between red and green but than you!
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