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magazine's...what cha reading?



  • Moomaloid wrote:

    As i thought, thats for Aus residents only. Overseas is $99 for 4 issues.

    Still showing $85.95 when I select a UK shipping option on a 2 year sub.
  • MoomaloidMoomaloid Posts: 2,040
    hmmm yeah that is weird... i best get on that before they notice :wink:
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Doobz wrote:
    Careful guys - you know who owns this site right?


    Nah, he has different reading habits altogether.

  • 'checked out "Ride". It's over $12 by the time it reaches 'Merica.
    too much...
  • ms_treems_tree Posts: 1,405
    I get Procycling and Cyclesport but am a couple of months behind in reading them at mo'. Also get Rouleur 'cos I like the sepia look and Johnny Green's column.
    'Google can bring back a hundred thousand answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.'
    Neil Gaiman
  • andyp wrote:
    Rouleur is worth checking out, though it's probably not for everyone. It's not like any other cycling magazine i've read, with no race or product reviews but some good photography and some very wordy articles often focussing on very specific subjects that would only appeal to the sort of person that really loves the detailed nitty gritty of cycling.

    It's bi monthly and expensive but as a product it's closer to a book than a magazine.

    I'd second this recommendation. Rouleur is a bit over dramatic about the epic nature of cycling at times, which is hardly surprising given who owns it, but the articles are of a very high standard and go into a depth that most other cycling magazines only dream of.

    It might be twice the price of Cycle Sport or Procycling but it provides more than twice the amount of value.

    It's the Granta of cycling publications.

    As far as value for money goes, they are better now than perhaps initially when it seemed an insubstantial luxury item. It started as a 64 page half-yearly, priced at £9, but over the years kept that cover price fixed while it grew and became a quarterly, then a bi-monthly. Meanwhile the page extents have steadily increased, so that, while Rouleur #1 seemed rather a slight read, the latest issues are over 160 pages.

    The cover price has just gone up to £10, but I'd still consider them better value for money, although ultimately the subjects covered and the quality of the writing and photography are the most important things. The challenge is keeping quality up and avoiding repetition as the years go by.

    p.s. No, I don't work for Rouleur. :)
  • pedro118118pedro118118 Posts: 1,101
    There's so much duplication and repetition in Cycle Sport and Cycling Weekly it drives me mad...........they seem to be trying to be all things to all men in a desperate push to improve circulation, hence loads of coverage of Sportives. There's the odd good interview, but few and far between. And all the product reviews are bling products few bike fans can afford.
  • 'checked out "Ride". It's over $12 by the time it reaches 'Merica.
    too much...

    You do get a lot of pages for your money though.
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,132
    LangerDan wrote:
    CycleSport is very inconsistent, though I think that Lionel Birnie's recent tribute to Fignon was one of the better articles in any of the mags recently and the interview with Aldo Sassi in the current edition is good too. Pity they insist on letting that twit Watson anywhere near a keyboard.

    I've only just read the latest snippets of wisdom from Watson in this month's Cycle Sport. His piece alongside a picture of Contador (probably already in FF's under the bed stash) is breathtaking in it's hypocrisy, basically saying that Contador joins a long line of riders who've sullied the reputation of the sport and who've made his job hell. Meanwhile he blows yet more smoke up Lance Armstrong's censored , a rider who has made Watson richer than he possibly ever dreamed of, who, of course, has never sullied the reputation of the sport.

    It's like the Landis allegations and subsequent FDA investigation never happened. :roll:
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