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Difference with gears?

clarkie28clarkie28 Posts: 134
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Hi all.

I am looking to get myself either a Giant Rapid 3 or a Specialized Sirrus Elite, and in my very very limited knowledge of bikes am i right to think the Giant has more of a road gear set up in the form of Shimano Sora gearing. Whereas the Spesh has a more MTB set up, using Shimano Altus and Deore?

If this is the case, why is this and which is the better of the 2 for road use?

Many thanks for all your help and comments

Clarkie :)


  • Depending on the ratios the road bike may have higher gearing, suited to higher speeds especially going down hill and on the flat. The MTB gearing may have a lower end, to better suited to going up hill and a higher cadence on the flat.

    This is all down to the ratios however, the bigger the chainring on the crankset and the smaller the sproket on the cassette the higher the gear. The Smaller the chainring and bigger the cassette sproket the lower the gear.

    Look to get the bike which fits you best, assuming both have triple chainsets, they will both have a decent spread of gear ratios and you can always change this later on....if much harder to change a frame which does not fit you.
  • Thanks for that coop!

    I defo prefer the look and colouring of the Giant over the Spesh, but obviously i will have a butchers at both and see which fits the best.

    From what i hear with the actual brands, the Spesh has the much better customer service with regards to warranty claims on the frame etc etc.

    Does this ring true?

    Thanks again :D
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Cant really comment on the warranty issue - but I've had two Giants for a good few years now and never needed to claim for anything.
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