Fizik Fail! = CRC Result

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Anyone had any experience of Fizik's generosity or otherwise?
Did this on the way home on a bridal path, didn't see a dip and as I came out of it heard a crack. At first I thought it was the ice cracking but on checking the saddle found this


Guess just put it down to bad luck? It's just under a year old.


  • Andy B
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    I've had a Gobi crack on both sides around the wingflex areas, it was on an ex demo bike, over a year old though so I didn't try to get it sorted under warranty.

    You need to speak to the shop you bought the saddle from as any warranty is dealt with by them, not Fizik
  • I've emailed CRC - see what happens.
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    My Nisene did exactly the same, I did land on it with all my weight though :lol:
  • My Arione snapped in exactly the same place after I misjudged the road and went through a big pot-hole with my weight still on the saddle. Looks like Fizik haven't got the bendy-strong balance quite right.
  • That's reassuring that it's not just me! Forgot to mention mines a Nisene as well.

    Did either of you have any joy with warranty or didn't you bother?
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    Nah didn't bother, it's on a DH/FR bike so dont sit down much, plus it gives it a nice 'bounce' when I do :P
  • For warranty speak to the retailer.

    If no warranty e-mail fizik, they offer a refurb service...
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    My mates got one with the exact same problem, although out of warranty.
  • Just had an email from a nice chap called Nicholas at CRC , the saddle has a two year warranty so I can pick another saddle (assume same price?) and they'll send it to me!

    Any recommendations? They don't do the Nisene any more.
  • No ideas about the saddle choices, but good result in the end!
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    Would have expected no less from CRC.
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  • Decided to go for the SDG Bel Air RL Ti saddle. It's more expensive but hopefully won't break.
  • Anyone having problems contacting CRC?

    After initial success I seem to be having problems contacting them, they claimed not to have received one email from me, subsequent emails from me to them remain unanswered. Put a read receipt on one with no joy (I know this can be bypassed)

    I'm not having email problems with anyone else. Hope it's just that their busy!
  • I completley shattered a plastic saddle when i was about 7 on my brothers old BMX. just broke. while i was sitting on it. had a saddle post somewhere sore.
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  • Sorry to bump this but i contacted Fizik as i have bent the rails on my Gobi Kium saddle. The have said if i return it to them they will repair it and return it to me. All i have to pay is postage costs which i think is great customer service :D