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Glad I started with a cheap commuter bike....

ashleymp777ashleymp777 Posts: 1,212
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I'm due to take delivery of my 1st road bike next week, a Wilier Petachi replica. But a few weeks ago I bought a dirt cheap commuter bike with 700c wheels etc., and I'm so glad I did. Riding the 40km to and from work every day is really teaching me how to ride on the road properly, avoiding the ruts, potholes and all the other obstacles you generally don’t take notice of when you're riding a MTB, like I have done for 20 years.

If I hadn't I recon I would have trashed the Wilier within a matter of days, as it is the commuter bike is already in a sorry state, but for just over £100 I don't care.

Praise the lord for cheap bikes!


  • 26" has numerous advantages over 700c, not least the lowere centre of gravity and with it better balance and handling. 26" ATB is my clear choice for utility cycling.

    Why they don't produce 650c road bikes, especially for smaller cyclists like myself, I'll never know.
  • Yes they do m8, Cervelo do a P3 for example.


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