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Tortec Razor Mudguards

WaynenioWaynenio Posts: 231
edited November 2010 in Road buying advice
Does anyone own a pair and know if the rubber attachment straps will reach around bladed forks?

My winter hack has the below width fork. ... Team_b.JPG

I was given a pair, The rear works perfectly fine for me, as I have added a bespoke extension to the rear to stop my pals getting mud drenched, It holds nice and tight (I think will be tighter than the SKS version) and does not move during a ride.

The problem is that, the front rubber attachment has been cut, as the chap before me must have had small circumference forks. Before picking a cheap version up, I need to know if they come brand new with enough to go around blades.

the SKS XL, do offer bladed, but many reviews state that they slip during rides and dont hold too well.

Hope someone can help.

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  • Just use rubber o-rings. You can get them cheaply at a fair few places.

    Or even zip-ties
  • WaynenioWaynenio Posts: 231
    Cheers, good idea. Problem with cable ties is that I take it on a off a few times in w eek. whenever its hooning down or like it is with the snow.

    Will have to buy a few different sizes of O-rings to get a nice tight fit.

    Scott Scale Comp 29er - Training Machine
    Giant XTC 29er - Race Machine
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