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CAAD 10 Anyone ridden one?

peanut1978peanut1978 Posts: 1,031
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was looking at reviews last night and tere seemed to be a lot of negatives surrounding the weld quality and general material tolerances.

Anyone know if this is the case?


  • cw42cw42 Posts: 205
    No-one around here (northwest) has them in stock yet, in fact, my local LBS, Royles in Wilmslow reckon they wont be out till the new year.
    Can you post links to the reviews you refer too? I'd be interested in reading them as that model is on my list of ones to ride before I buy.
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  • I think some of the welding isn't filled in like the CAAD9. On my CAAD9 it looks, and fools many, like carbon the weld is so smooth.

    but if you look at this photo the welds are very noticable, but it may just be a pre-production model.
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  • morstarmorstar Posts: 5,744
    Is there an element of inevitability in this criticism.
    A US made frame that is renowned for quality of manufacture has gone to the far east.
    The criticism may be valid but equally as likely I'd say it's people knocking because it's easy to do so. One of the USP's has gone for this item.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Location of manufacture wasn't a selling point for me!

    I've also heard reports that the build quality of the 10 was excellent...
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    I can't see any problem with the welds in the photo. They look flawless and from a very highly skilled welder. If they don't smooth the welds it will have nothing to do with strength but merely asthetics and probably saves a few quid in costs to the buyer.
  • fred22fred22 Posts: 509
    But, no one's actually ridden one, no.
  • JD_76JD_76 Posts: 236
    Id go with the thought that the inferiority rumours will be started by people who assume the Far East don’t make very good quality frames, when in fact some of the best bikes on the planet for many disciplines come from the Far East.

    Judge the bike on how it performs.

    Review here:
  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    I have a 2008 caad9 and it's beautifully welded and smoothed afterwards, made in the USA. My 2010 cannondale tesoro traveller classic has just arrived ( assembled in the USA ) built in the far east I assume. It's also beautifully made. I'd ride one and buy one in a heart beat

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  • ScottiePScottieP Posts: 599
    There have been some reviews on Weightweenies for the CAAD10 a few people have them - other markets have had supply already... not all markets mind you - but a few have...
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  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    I'm riding one for a week at the start of Jan in Gran Canaria so will compare it to my CAAD9 cross frame...
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