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New bike on CTW -which one?

wrudswruds Posts: 74
edited November 2010 in Road beginners
Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7: Pinarello FP1; Cube Attempt .

After losing my Orbea Aqua TTG in an accident I am looking for a replacement.

Checking the Internet I have narrowed my choice down to these three, and they all look pretty decent with similar specs. How do the above compare?

Can anyone offer any advice on which would be considered the better bike, individual preference. Or even other options?



  • PhilbyPhilby Posts: 328
    From a quick look at the 3 models they seem to have quite different geometries from the more relaxed (Bianchi) to the more aggressive (Pinarello) with the Cube in the middle.

    Depends largely on what type of riding you are going to be doing, and what fits you best.

    Why not get another Orbea?
  • wrudswruds Posts: 74
    I was hoping to cash in on a late 2010 model. The Orbea have all gone up in price an extra £70+ for 2011.

    I was planning to then I spotted a few bargains knocking around and thought why not!
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