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Sainsburys 16mm D-lock, any good?

TheWildHaggisTheWildHaggis Posts: 143
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Doing the weekly shop in Sainsburys and came across a 16mm steel D-Lock with Quatro locking tech for 9.99. The lock is heavy, more so than my onguard pitbull, which to me indicates that the shackle is not hollow.

Anyone have any experience of this lock?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Probably fine for your childs bike at £7 I personally believe you get waht you pay for to an extent, so if they sell it for £7 what did it cost Sainsburys, £3 and to make £1.50!

    As a rough guide we always used the 50% rule, what it cost + 50% to the supplier +50% to the retailer + 50% to the buyer.
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