Question for canyon owners (Acros headset query)

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The bike has a Acros ilock headset. I recently lowered the bars by removing the 5mm spacer (locating it above stem) but it rattled even when I really pushed the top cap down hard prior to tightening the stem bolts. The headset was correctly tensioned but this wont affect anything above the stem.

I've now just removed the 5mm spacer altogether and theres only a 2mm gap between top cap and top of stem where the steerer tube is exposed. Is it safe to leave this configuration? I cant see why not as the top cap is pretty superficial on this type of Acros stem.

I hope thats clear, for those that arent familiar with the ilock headset the tensioning is done after the tightening of the stem bolts.


  • Gazzaputt
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    Best ring the Canyon UK serviceline (0) 20 8501 2582.

    I think the 5mm should be left in place.
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    thanks for the number, i didn't even knew there was a UK office!