Enigma or Sabbath

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Hello all, new to the forum, just wanted to get some advice!
Looking at getting a new Titanium bike, and the models I've narrowed it down to are the Sabbath Silk Road Pro and the Enigma Effusion.
I'd really like to hear from anyone who owns either of these bikes, or perhaps both!
Just like to know how you rate it, especially compared to other bikes you've ridden and how you would describe the bike in general.
Would also like to know from anyone , who has bought a bike from either of these companies and how you would rate their service or general build quality, good or bad.
In addition, if anyone can think of a similar model I should be considering, please say.
Ta very much!
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    What about the Enigma Esprit - 10/10 in a recent review - classical looks and if you were thinking of building up the frame yourself some very good offers on old stock:
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    I'd make the effort to try one - either at Sabbath or a dealer. The pro is a new shape, so I can't rate it compared to mine.
    Sabbath will be great for customer service, and you sould call them for some advice.

    As for Enigma, no idea.

    You will get plenty on here arguing for both, as they appear to be decent UK companys, with good support.

    Get the one you like best, or that has the kit on you prefer!
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    Enigma is great.

    I can't speak to their titanium bikes, as I am in the process of buying one of their steel ones, but Enigma's customer service is second to none - absolutely superb. THey really go out of their way. They know their stuff, big time, and are really enthusiastic. Their steel bikes are fantastic - beautifully built and combining the classicism of steel with very cutting edge performance - and I would expect nothing less for their titanium models.

    It would be very worth your while trying one of them out.
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    Like I said, you can't go wrong with either.

    Make sure you talk to both, and tell them what sort of riding you do and what you want.

    Then get the best deal.
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    I'd suggest you ring and speak to Jim at Enigma and discuss what you need. I dont know Sabbath except by rep on here but dealing with Jim and Mark and the team at Enigma was a joy and I have nothing but praise after over 3000 miles on my (steel) Enigma this year.
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  • Thanks for the input guys - I had already planned to try both of these bikes out, I just wanted to hear first hand accounts from people who own these bikes - no-one in my club has a bike from either two, which is where I'd normally get a second opinion. It seems the best thing to do is go and speak to both, then as both bikes have the same end user in mind at similar spec see who will give me the best deal.
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