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Kippered shoulder

cycleschemiecycleschemie Posts: 60
edited November 2010 in Health, fitness & training

Was making a very low speed left hand turn at Glentress last week, in Pennel Vennel.

Somehow managed to utterly foul it up. Ended up landing full onto my outstretched left hand.

Oddly, this didn't break the wrist, but transmitted the force up through the arm into the shoulder. Doc tells me that I've torn some items in the rotator cuff and possibly blown one of the bicep tendons to kingdom come.

That was it for me last Sunday, not being able to raise my arm to bar height somewhat limited my confidence. Off to the Hub for a coffee,

Best bruise I've ever had- imagine taking your bicep and colouring it in with a purple felt pen.
Looks excellent!

Sadly, Doc thinks I'll be out of commission for a wee while, just when I've bought a dazzling front lamp too.



  • Been there, done that.....I feel your pain, only advice is dont over do it too early and USE the physio if its offered.
    hope you recover quickly.
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  • Mark_KMark_K Posts: 666
    Yer you can get some great bruises from usted shoulders :)DSC01149.JPG
  • StuntmanStuntman Posts: 267
    Holy censored ! You look like the guy from Sin City!

    Get well soon!!
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