SRAM cassettes

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I'm looking to upgrade the summer bike piecemeal fashion over the course of winter and one of the areas requiring upgrade is my rear cassette. I gifted the previous Ultegra 12-27 onto the winter bike but kept the accompanying Ultegra 6600 short cage mech on the summer bike.

First off, am I right in saying that the short cage Ultegra mech won't work with the 28t? I know the 32t will require a long cage mech.

Secondly, the shifter need upgrading too. Assuming I get a SRAM rear mech, do I NEED to get SRAM levers also or would Shimano levers still work?

Finally, does anyone have any experience of the 28 and 32t cassettes and thoughts regarding the two and are there any thoughts on the difference between the PG1050 (Apex?) and PG1070 (Rival?) levels of quality pertaining to the cassettes?



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    you need levers.
  • i alternate between two wheelsets, one with a Shimano 11-25 and the other with a SRAM 11-28, no problems at all with that. If you go to 32 then i belive you will need a long cage rear mech.

    I'm using a standard Dura Ace rear mech with that 25 or 28 tooth cassette, couldnt tell you if it was long or short to be honest.

    SRAM mechs require SRAM shifters, everything else is interchangeable.