Replacement/custom Zipp decals?

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Where's the best place to get Zipp decals? I have a set of 2010 404's and when doing a 4-day ride in the summer they got scratched by other people leaning their bikes up against mine, I'm not that fussed about it at the moment but it would be nice to be able to get some new ones.

I don't mind if they're legit Zipp decals, or custom ones (custom ones would be nicer in all honesty, my bike is black white and yellow, I'd love some black ones with yellow outlines), but any advice would be good right now.



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    I've had the same problem with my 303s. You can get replacement decals for all Zipp wheels from Pro Bike Kit. They are £2.50p per decal so that's 15 quid a wheel if you need to replace them all. Personally I just keep 2/3 and replace each decal when it needs it. ... ls&x=0&y=0
  • Ebay is your friend. Loads for sale on there.
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    Thanks guys, I've checked ebay a few times and found them, just wondered if there was anywhere that did custom jobbies.
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    I have had custom ones made for my 404's.

    The company that did them is in Essex though and they would need the wheels so not ideal.

    Edit: they are signwriting company so I took the wheels to them and they cut the vinyl based on the original zipp decals. They then stuck them on. The bloke is spoke to mentioned someone "laying them down" so maybe that is the sticking on bit but I am no expert. It might be worth you contacting a similar company nr you, although the one I used was recommended as other club members had used them.

    Here - crap dark pic tho

  • you should have slapped them around the face with your sweaty glove for leaning their bikes on yours.
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    Zipp do full custom decals, but they are really expensive!