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Specialized Allez Comp

silverwoodsilverwood Posts: 4
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After completing a few sportives whilst using a friends Trek Madone 5.2, I decided to purchase my first road bike

My budget was £1000, so I opted for the Spec Allez Comp. I really like this bike however it does have a considerably shorter top tube than I was used to riding, however I am not sure where the seat should be set (how far forward or back). Recently it has moved right to front of the rails as when I am down on the drops I think I am forcing it back

Can anyone give me any advice on seat position please


  • Dont mess around with the fore and aft position of the saddle too much to correct your position, it will likely make your knee hurt and reduce your power transmission. Set that up in the standard way, as a million and one internet guides will tell you.

    The standard way to alter top tube length is to buy a longer or shorter stem. Most bikes will come with a 10 or 11cm stem as standard and you could easily buy a 14 or 15cm replacement.

    Your could also look at changing the bars for ones with a further forward throw, you could get an extra 1cm or so by doing this (a bit more if your current bars are 'compact')
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