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That old chestnut-gearing.

ButtieButtie Posts: 17
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Buttie's the name, confusion the game.

Hope there is some one out there who can help with a gearing issue. Here goes and please bear with me.

I am a fit 51 and have been a regular commuter for about 7 years now, fairly short 8 miles each way, year round on the Isle of Wight, lots of up and down, it is lumpy over here.

I have been riding a 2007 Specialized Sirrus Pro with a gearing range between 29 and 111 inches. Now I will be honest and say that I could not push the 111 on the flat, seldom the next gear down which I think was about 105". The 29" low end seem to cope with my commute.

I am buying a new Bike (a warm and fuzzy feeling). A Cube Hooper Pro with a Shimano Alfine 11 spd hub gear, yes I have crossed over to the dark / light side, take your pick.
I have researched the gearing on the Cube and I need someone with more experience than myself to confirm my suspicion that the standard set-up is really quite high.
Hub ratios: (1) 0.527 (2) 0.681 (3) 0.770 (4) 0.878 (5) 0.995 (6) 1.134 (7) 1.292
(8) 1.462 (9) 1.667 (10) 1.888 (11) 2.153
Chain wheel / Hub sprocket: 45 / 20 (I think it is a 20, I have asked shop to confirm).

Using an online gear calculator this gives (1) 31", .....(10) 112" and (11) 128"!

Shimano do a 39T chainwheel and I am sure this would be a better initial set-up.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • ChiggyChiggy Posts: 261
    Do Sturmey sprockets fit the Alfine like they do the Nexus?

    I think they might.

    Fit a 24T Sturmey ( OR SRAM ) and put 1 link in the chain.
  • ButtieButtie Posts: 17
    Cheers Chiggy for the response.
    I have considered the option of changing the hub sprocket but was concerned about fitting compatibility between manufacturers. Shimano seem to be very limited in their available options either 18T or 20T only.
    SRAM and Shimano apparently use a slightly differing dishing depth, 3mm / 2.5 mm respectively. Is this a difference to be concerned about, e.g. chain alignment?

    I have enough time to get it right as the bike will not be available until Jan 2011.
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