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Post a pic etiquette

SpeedSwedeSpeedSwede Posts: 12
edited November 2010 in Your road bikes
Is it OK to ask people to post pics of their bikes here or is it only allowed to post your own and not ask others to do same? A good friend of mine who got me hooked on cycling said this website is very particular and can risk admin bans if you don't follow their rules. However, I haven't found a list of "rules" so thought I'd ask. Thanks


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Post away! It's only in the for sale section that you have to post a picture of the actual item for sale!

    I assume you just want to post a pic of a nice bike?
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    you can ask me to post a pic of my fave ride, but she is shy and will refuse.
  • Just picked it up today. I'm having problems posting images from Flickr so here's the link. Note the with camera flash and without flash. Love the stealthy reflective decals. Sorry for those that don't consider this a road bike. To me it is close since I've been riding a heavy old mountain bike for 15 years. This is so fast in comparison. Great ride.[email protected]/5209656141/[email protected]/5209657803/
  • The only modifications I had made to the bike was to add a more versatile tire. Replaced the slick Schwalbes with a set of Serfas Vidas 700cX38 and put on some Shimano peddles that can be used with regular shoes or clips.
  • billysanbillysan Posts: 575
    Bad Boys are ace. It doesnt matter what other people think of it as long as you enjoy owning and riding it. Thanks for sharing.

    My bad boy underwent substantial mods, ending up like this when I sold it.

  • Very nice. Didn't realize the lefty forks fit so well on the bad boys. I was wondering what a set of 26s looked like on the bike. Thanks for sharing.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Cool!! The only thing missing is the odd accent of gold bling!!
  • These Bad Boys look the business. Hard and mean, the Charles Bronson of bikes. Looks like you could use one to parachute into Nicaragua and start a coup.
    (Nicaragua chosen at random BTW).
  • I'll start simple, maybe commandeer the bus lane.
  • I'll start simple, maybe commandeer the bus lane.
  • I'll start simple, maybe commandeer the bus lane.
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