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Tony09Tony09 Posts: 7
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Hi everybody.

I made a study about the expectations of a cycliste, trought a little interview.

This questionnary is for British people who used a road-race bike.

This questionnary is very quickly, it doesn’t take more than 4min.

Thank you very much for your attention and your further answers.

Sorry for the possible mistakes, I’m French and my English is not so good

STUDY: ... OGhkb2c6MQ [/url]


  • LucanLucan Posts: 336
    I filled it in, but the questions could be more focussed.

    Things like "What distance would you like training rides to be" - I wanted a variety, some short and hard, some longer. Same for the type of ride, hilly, flat, etc. I'd want a variety.

    Good luck with the research though.
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