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Balancing the - and + rear shock chambers

coolboardercoolboarder Posts: 149
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Last week i decided to change my ride position by setting the saddle further back on the rails. This made a big difference to the handling and felt good. Front tyre slipped out far less on my local trail. The thing is though my crank arms were catching the ground far more than normal. I suppose i need more shock pressure to counter the the shift in weight. My shock is the scott TC on a genius. The small piggy back chamber is the possitive and the large is the negative.

So which chamber do i increse pressure and then do i need to counter that increase by reducing the pressure in the other chamber? For my weight of 78kg i have the + 150 psi and the - 70 psi which are the instructions on the shock.

Thanks in advance, Rob.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    down load the manual.

    then follow the instructions for setting the sag.

    As you have changed your position the pressure may need a bit more if you spend most of your time seated.

    +ive is normally for the sag. the neg is normally the feel. so go play.
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    The main can will control the sag and resistance to bottoming out. The external can will control rebound speed.

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