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105 front shifter cable

lochindaallochindaal Posts: 472
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I was having a problem with my front shifter not changing from the large cog to small, the cable seemed to be very tight.

Whilst playing about with it I have moved the cable in the shifter housing. I can pull the brake lever and can see the shifter cable with the silver endstop piece but I don't know where this should go.

Comparing with the rear shifter cable the endstop is not visible anywhere.

Can anyone help?

I have looked at teh manuals on the Shimano site and it still isn't clear


  • Oh no, i've got de ja vue, google/search for Shimano STI left hard shifter failures and you'll see that 105 left hand shifter internal may as well be made of cheese.

    All bike magazines are so in awe of Shimanos advertising money, so never mention this problem, but it has been around for years. Take the shifter to your local bike shop, but in all honesty it could be knackered.
  • Yep, the LH 105 shifter has a big problem. A small plastic bit has a habit of snapping and it cannot be repaired or replaced. The result being a whole new shifter. I hope this is not your case as it's a a costly item, but if it's within your bike's guarantee you might get lucky with your LBS.

    It's been a while since I changed cables, but I seem to remember I needed to click the small lever twice (as though to get onto my 39t cog) to initialize back and pull the brake to revel the gear change holes.
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