Sunday Cwm Carn trip from brizzle

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Me and a mate are heading to cwm carn on sunday, anyone fancy meeting up?

we are leaving at 10am from bristol

and dont believe the rumours, the trail is not closed due to sheep aids, bad aids, or any other kind of aids, they just want all the sheep for themselves, and they cant have them!


  • Kev!!

    We have a protestor here KILL!!!!

    Lol and not sure, i'm probably riding W2 with some mates sunday sadly :(
  • welshkev
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    you can take our sheep.......but you can't take our freedom....charge!!!!!!


    right now it looks like cwmcarn might be under a foot of snow by sunday :shock:

    it's big snow right now and sticking!! but i might be there sunday weather permitting, but i usually get there about 9am, i might see you in the car park wheni get back :D
  • Kaise
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    what's the up date on the weather up there kev? I've got a feeling it's going to be pretty snowy up on the trail if we've had snow over this side of the bridge
  • welshkev
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    we've had no more snow today but it's frozen into an icy mess, but i bet the trail would be fun :D there's a bit on the mountain but at a guess no more than an inch or 2.

    as long as we don't have more snow tonight it'll be perfectly rideable :D