Trouble clipping out

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I bought myself some road pedals and shoes .. for my road bike. Until then I've been using MTB pedals which I've used for years quite successfully.

The pedals I bought were these:
EXUSTAR Road Pedal (E-PR101P)

I have them setup really loose so that I can clip out easily. Most of the times, I have no problems, but just occasionally I can't unclip. I twist my foot and it won't release. Thankfully in nearly every case it's only happened to one pedal but am getting really nervous out getting stuck!

The cleats are securely fastened to my shoes, so they aren't moving ...

Any ideas?


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    Is it happening with the same pedal?
    Is it maybe that you're now thinking about it too much and having a panic so your technique isn't as smooth as it could be?
    Sit on the bike, propped up and just clip in, release etc.
    If you're heading to junctions and know you'll have to clip out, set yourself up and prepare!
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    MTB pedals usually involve just twisting out, road pedals have an element of lifting and twisting I find.
  • I know what you mean...I had found I was getting into a bad habit of "twisitng" from my knee instead of just the ankle, then panicking when I couldnt unclip. After much conscious effort, I now twist positively from the ankle keeping the rest of the leg straight - pretty much works all the time now..
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    Hmmm.....I struggle to unclip my left foot. I'll try the twisting from the ankle thing.

    It may save another clipless moment outside our local coffeeshop.
  • Already mentioned, but when you're approaching junctions/hazzards, anticipate them and unclip early. Keep the front in the pedal and if all is clear to go, then it's just a quick push at the back and away you go. If you have to stop, all you need to do is lift out.
    You may find that you have a preferred foot that you unclip first all the time, I find that mine is my left foot (even though I'm right footed?!) Practise unclipping and clipping in when stationary, and when cycling along a nice flat stretch so you get used to it. It'll come, just takes time to find your own method. YOU WILL HAVE A CLIPLESS MOMENT TOO!!!
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  • Well, I've still not got to the bottom of it.

    Seems to be mostly the same pedal ... just sometimes I can't unclip. Twist my ankle, but cleat refuses to unclip. I have since discovered that when this happens, if I twist inwards (instead of outwards) it will release.

    I'm not doing anything differently .. just bizarre and a little un-nerving!