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What are the Forums thoughts on the best tires to get through the winter?

Puncture resistance? speed? grip? durability? price?
Name your favourites :D

Cheers, Fraser


  • for cheapness, good puncture resistance - 2 season and no punctures -, reasonably quick, try Vittoria Rubino's
  • nferrar
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    Schwalbe Ultremo DD for me, they fall down a bit on durability compared with some but IMO there's always a compromise between grip (soft compound) and durability (hard compound), black chilli stuff from Conti blurs it a bit though. For winter I'd rather have great grip and average durability than the other way around.
  • inseine
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    I don't worry about price, especially in winter. You'd pay good money not to be freezing to death trying to change a tbe at the side of the road in January!
    In my experience Contis are generally good and Michelins bad! I've had great success with Force and Attack in summer after getting fed up with Pro3race so tried Ultra gatorskins for winter. This is my second winter on them and, touch wood, still no p*******s.
  • rake
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    youve not tried krylions then?
  • softlad
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    there are already several hundred threads on the same topic - my suggestion would be to use search....
  • ShutUpLegs
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    softlad wrote:
    there are already several hundred threads on the same topic - my suggestion would be to use search....

    Only one search result for Tires!
  • yaya
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    rake wrote:
    youve not tried krylions then?

    +1 for durability, you just cannot make them puncture!

    Grip in the wet, however, is not one of their strong points

    When it's really cold with ice and snow I just head for the trails on a mountain bike:-)
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    Try with a y, loads of posts :)
  • vorsprung
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    I have frame with clearance for massive tyres - a Cotic Roadrat

    So for the winter I usually use 28mm Marathon Plus. Although I am going to be trying out some Marathon Winters next week

    These tyres are so large they don't fit on a normal road bike