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After getting back into mountain biking I feel a new bike is in order.

I am considering whether or not to build a bike from scratch sourcing most from auction sites. (as funds are limited)

My technical skills are basic. I was hoping this might be a good way to really learn about my bike and to teach myself from youtube parktools etc.

My problem is I am a bit anxious of diving in and regretting it later and wishing i had just bought a bike.

Should I take the plunge and just go for it? If so any tips?

Thanks in advance.


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    I reckon you'll be fine. It's not all that hard to do most stuff in terms of a bike build I'd imagine, I've removed and re-installed most things on mine without too much bother so go for it. You can probably build a sweet ride for a fair discount by doing it from ebay and such I'd imagine.
  • Cheers for that. Does anyone have any advice to avoid common mistakes/pitfalls?

  • The most difficult thing about ripping bikes to pieces always used to be getting everything set up perfectly at the end, fortunately you can usually get it running reasonably and other people will give you advice!!!! Bottom brackets used to be my pet hate, but they've all changed since I was last playing with bikes (I'm just getting back into it myself!) You should be fine, and there's always someone to ask for advice!!!
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    I can't think that you'd make mistakes. For me it'd be about getting things torqued/trimmed right like the headset top cap (I never get it right for some reason) and trimming/indexing the gears which seems to be witchcraft as far as I'm concerned :)
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    Hello :D

    I got everything seperately for my bike, which enabled me to get the best deals / specific brands I wanted etc. I got come cracking deals, and fortunately a friend of mine actually built it for me!

    I just wanted to say that even just speccing it myself I learnt SO MUCH about the bike - much more than I imagined - and it forced me to really think hard about every tiny component. One thing I found tricky (and this is probably just me being rubbish) was making sure that everything actually fitted together once I had got it!! It's not always that obvious...

    Anyway, I founf the whole thing really useful. I know my bike inside out, and can enter into exciting conversations about chain sets down the pub afterwards now :shock: What more could a girl ask for :wink:
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  • Cheers Miss Notax,

    Thats what I am looking for. I think I am looking to really get to know the bike inside out even if I end up taking it to the LBS to build!

    I suppose getting everything to fit is down to research?

    nice one
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    Yep, lots of and lots of research.....

    And Ebay is your friend (and classifieds on here etc) - I got some great deals on new stuff. There is no way ever I could have afforded the same spec on my bike if I had just walked into a bike shop and ordered it, but as it is I managed to get a Chris Kind headset (new Ebay), XT kit (new Ebay), Formula K24 Oro brakes (second hand off Ebay - perfect working order) etc etc. My frame was off Ebay too - a 2007 Orange 5 Diva frame that had never been built (just sat in a store-room), total bargain!!

    It took lots of time and I literally went to bed dreaming about seat-posts once, which was a tad worrying :oops: Make sure you have every single measurement of your frame easily accessible too - you'll need it!

    Did I think it would be that complicated - no; Would I do it again - yes; Was it worth it - absolutely!!

    Good luck :D
    Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away....

    Riding a gorgeous ano orange Turner Burner!

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  • I built my bike up from scratch.

    I bought the frame second hand - borrowed some forks off a mate but bought everything else new.

    It was great fun and I would do it again, I think it was a good laugh for my mates too as we made our own headset press etc.

    Indexing gears is an art though, and one I don't get along with
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    I've built all three of my most recent bikes (following a 20 year lay off from biking) from bare frames up, I am a competant DIY car mechanic, but had no problems at all, just make sure you know what you are doing at each step. Get a lidl/Aldi bike tool kit and that will cover most the specialist tools you need as well.

    Careful sourcing can leave you with a real bargain, and as you built it yourself you know all the weaknesses and where to upgrade first as well.

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  • Thanks guys that is just what I am looking for. Looks like a need to get cracking and research. Glad going to bed dreaming of bike things is 'normal'!
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    It's a doddle. And don't forget you tube is your friend when you get stuck.