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Sigma Bike 2 Wired Sensor Kit - what one?!

Mr PlumMr Plum Posts: 1,097
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Can anyone tell me if this Bike 2 sensor is compatible with the wired Sigma 1609 computer? ... 8714_&c=18

Having a bit of a nightmare trying to get one as I've already ordered the wrong thing from elsewhere...

Thanks in advance.
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  • Mr PlumMr Plum Posts: 1,097
    Tredz have ignored my email to them. This has become a massive pain in the censored !
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  • Hello mate

    According to the Sigma website, looking at the manual, it's described as Ref 00428. On the following page of accessories, it's at the bottom of the page, and called "UNIVERSAL BRACKET 2032 INCL. CABLE Ref.00428".

    So I guess this is what you need to look out for.

    Looking on the manual here ... als/ba.pdf it's completely different looking to the bike 1 bracket.

    This is the recognised dealers in the UK:- ... ID_Land=13

    Good luck !
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  • Mr PlumMr Plum Posts: 1,097
    Cheers for the links. I've emailed a couple of the dealers to see if they can help. Thanks!
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