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Fork Seals (Old Skool RS SID)

El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 6,401
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Just got my SIDs back from Argos Cycles after getting them resprayed - very nice job.

As the original dust/wiper seals were 'stuck' in there when I disassembled the forks, I had to basically cut them out. The foamer rings were also a bit worse for wear, so I knw they'd need replacing as well.

My forks have come back with the upper oil seals removed. They have kindly sent me the old seals back, however again, they look like they could do with replacing.

So, here's my problem... I can't seem to find anywhere that sells a 'complete' kit of the dust/wiper seal, foamer rings and oil seal.

The Enduro fork seal set, comprises of the dust/wiper seal and oil seal whereas the Rockshox one contains the dust/wiper seal and foamer ring.

Any ideas where I can either purchase the items individually or as a complete set from?

(FAO Modmins and Goderators - I've put this here, but it might be better off in the Buying Advice Section - it's your call)


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