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Help needed – Drying room specification

mayan42mayan42 Posts: 9
edited November 2010 in Commuting general
W e have an opportunity to put a plan forward for a clothes drying room at work. There’s a fairly active cycling community here, and we’ve been pushing for some clothes drying facilities for a while, and we’ve now been told that we can forward a proposal.
So, we need to put together some idea of what we want, and rough order of magnitude costs.
I think the most we can hope for is a smallish room (maybe disabled toilet size), with some form of dryer and a load of clothes and shoe racks. The bit I’m not sure about is the actual dryer, and that’s where I need some help.
I’ve stayed in ski chalets where they’ve had a big upright dryer, similar in size to an upright fridge / freezer thing, which has a load of racks, you can switch it on for a certain amount of time and it circulates warm air around the clothes. This seems ideal, but I’ve googled to no avail. Or, maybe just a air con unit to circulate warm air around the room, with clothes hanging on racks, think you’d need a vent for this to work properly.

Does anyone have any ideas about costs for dryers / small aircon units, or any other ideas for a drying room?



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