Canyon V's Cube Vs Cannondale Caad 10

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Looking to buy a new road bike in January as a 40th Birthday present to myself ( I know bit of a MAMIL) but I ve had all sorts of bikes for years.

Dale would be a Caad 10 (105) or Super Six (105) @ £1299 or £1799 respectively
I have ridden neither and not even seen a Caad 10. Last dale I had was a Caad 5 and I loved that. I ve no snob values over Carbon versus ally either just think £500 is a lot of difference.

Other bikes entering the equation are Cube Agree HTC pro, @ £1499, seen one but never ridden one but looks superb.

And finally Canyon 7.0 roadlite @ £1012. Full ultegra ritchey WCS fininshing kit and Mavic Askiums (Serious value ) but again absolubtley no experience of Canyons

Any experience opinion or advise would be appreciated, will probably be leaving decision until the London show so I can see all bikes in the flesh.

I need this bike for everything from sprint triathlons to an end to end but comfort is not a main concern