Mix 'n' match

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Hi folks,

Am I being daft in being concerned about how my groupset looks?
I've had the full Chorus groupset on my TCR for about 5yrs now and it's all silver/alloy.

Recently had to replace my ergos so got the Centaur carbon/carbon wrapped ones. Nice and new :)
Looking at putting on a compact for a Pyrenees trip next year and while I can get the Centaur UT one for about £105 from Ribble I began to look at my bike and wonder if I should just spend a bit more and get the Centaur carbon or even keep with the Chorus carbon?

Is it just 'pride' in how your bike looks?

The thing is also that this could be a slippery slope. After thinking about the carbon chainset, I found myself pricing up the carbon/black brakes and mechs thinking 'mmm...they're not too expensive!!! '

:shock: :lol: