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STI shifter fitting question?

mcj78mcj78 Posts: 634
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Hey all,

I'm just about to upgrade my shifters from Shimano 2300 8 spd jobs to Tiagra 4500 9 spd, as usual this has been done on a whim & unfortunately just after i've retaped my bars.

Not wanting to spend another £10 on tape on top of the shifters & new cables (as i'll obviously fray the bejeezus out of the existing ones when I try & remove them, even though i've only done ~50 miles on them) - can I be a pikey & simply unbolt the shifter units from the bar clamps completely, then bolt on the new ones perfectly in place?

Anyone have any experience of this sort of thing - the shifters aren't exactly at opposite ends of the Shimano groupset spectrum so hopefully the clamps won't be completely alien to each other, will they?

Or will I get away with carefully peeling the tape off halfway & re-applying after fitting the new shifters? It's only been on a couple of days.


Should I stop being cheap & do it properly? :oops:

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  • antflyantfly Posts: 3,276
    I recently went from Tiagra to Ultegra and left the clamps on, I didn't replace the tape either and it had been on for a few months. Unwinding the new tape is no problem at all.
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  • mcj78mcj78 Posts: 634
    Cool, cheers for that - exactly what I was hoping to hear, now to experience the wonders of a 2x9 speed commuting bike :lol:
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    Genesis Volare 853
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