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Circlip Plier Sizes Need For Toras

jedi_masterjedi_master Posts: 888
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Not doing it now but while I was thinking of it I thought I would ask. With the Circlip pliers, what internal and external capacity do I need when servicing a set of Tora 318 coil sprung forks? There's a small external circlip on top of the motion control and if I recall from a video there's an internal circlip inside the upper station.

I have seen 19mm - 60mm, 40-100mm plus some others.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    a small set.
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  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    I purchased a set from Homebase which came with 3 or 4 inter changeable heads,they were only about £9 and did the job.
  • d00md00m Posts: 160
    I just cross over a pair of electrical screwdriver's and push the end of the ring apart. Not particularly safe though...
  • Not to sound rude but that didn't really answer my question.

    Nick, when you say a small set, do you mean a set that comes with multiple pairs or a small capacity?

    Not buying cheap ones either as they will get used more than once, and as for the cheap ones with changeable ends, not buying myself, my dads used some in the past and he said they wasn't very good.

    Reason I really would like to know what capacity I need is because I was looking at possibly getting pliers from Knipex.

    I think for the external ones I need 10 - 25mm Capacity and 19 - 60mm Capacity for the internals, not sure though.
  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    Hi again,
    If you don't want to use a set of interchangeable heads,then go to halfords and buy 2 pairs, one internal and one external.Don't worry about size,go and buy them and they will work.My bike buddy uses these ones from Halfords.This is the pro range of tools and will do both circlips well, infact my interchangeable one and these ones can fit every circlip type in my big box of mixed size circlips, sizes 3 to 32mm.

    Internal. ... 65469#dtab

    External. ... yId_165469

    I hope this helps.
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