Dolan Multicross Yes or No?

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Im seriously considering purchasing a Dolan Multicross

Can get it for £799

I would mainly be using it as a winter trainer, light tourer with a bit of off road stuff. It seems well equipped for the price but i can't find any reviews. It doesn't matter if the wheels aren't light as i have a spare set of Model B's i can swap in. Im a big fan of Sram and run rival on my other bike so that's fine.

I'd be grateful for your thoughts on the bike and how it would stand up for the things i intend to use it for.

Thanks for your time
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  • that what i intend to use instead of my winter ribble bike, but like you i intend to use it for cyclocross as well but there are no reviews on the frame set if you are using it for that..

    looking at the quality of the frame im sure it will be fine for off road.
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  • d70ar9
    d70ar9 Posts: 139
    I ordered one last week - should arrive Tomorrow or Thursday - ill let you know how i get on with it
    'All that is solid melts into air' Marx and Engels