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Best place to ride with my 8 year old daughter Stockportish?

Vally7Vally7 Posts: 120
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My daughter is getting her first mountain bike for Christmas and I'd like to take her for a very easy cross country ride somewhere. Can anyone advise anything that is good and close to Stockport? I'm looking for somewhere nice and gentle but more exciting then the canal bank so she can get used to the bike and start building her confidence.

As she gets better where is best for the next step up -is there anywhere with a blue route not too far away?



  • I believe there are some trails in Macclesfield forest. Never been though
  • the trans pennine trail passes through stockport. if you go to the big tesco there is the park routes on penny lane. they are a good start.
  • Ian PIan P Posts: 36
    Wouldn't recommend Macclesfield forsest unless she's a very strong or you want to put her off for life! The hills there are steep!

    Delamere is the obvious choice, a few miles drive but the 2 marked trails (4 and 7 miles) there follow undulating fire roads with enough scenery and interest to give the average 8 year old a bit of a challenge, and theres a cafe at the end which is an essential part of the mtb experience for kids ime.

    If she likes it and wants something a bit more technical then the next moves are probably Cannock follow the dog or Llandegla blue, followed by Llandegla red (there's also some nice bits of singletrack at Delamere if you know your way around). My daughter is just 11 and has graduated to the Llandegla black this summer. A lot of natural trails involve a more even balance of effort / reward which doesn't attract kids as much though we did do an excellant short ride in the quantocks while on holiday this summer.
  • Vally7Vally7 Posts: 120
    I know Macc forest and agree it's probably too steep for her -sounds like there are a few to go at here.

    Thanks guys!
  • + for Delamere. Took the missus there a while back, she doesn't ride regular but she managed a lap of the shorter bike trail without any problems with a child seat & 2 year old on the back :D
  • Around Stockport you could try investigating Reddish Vale, flat & easy pedalling in parts but also lots of little confidence building trails, our club holds newbie rides can then add to this base and go on to Haughton Dale (towards denton & hyde,i take my 7 year old there) & up to werneth low. or go the other way and link in woodbank park & follow it through to chadkirk & marple.Hope this helps.
  • stuartfungstuartfung Posts: 90
    Glad I found this website, which has helped me source my new MTB HT, my 8 year old's bike and now suitable routes for us to explore. Personally, if I were to venture out on more technical xc, I may consider joining a local club near Stockport or even tag along some meets that some forum users on here seem to have.
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